March 26th, 2016 8:05 am

Good Friday- March 25 

Checked my self into the hospital at 6 PM on good Friday. Contractions were 3 min apart, and dilated to 3 cm. Received an epidural at 7/8cm the next morning at 2 am. at 7:55 am I began pushing, ready and anxious to meet this sweet babe. 

ADAline's Birth Day. 3/26/2016 

At 8:05 am Adaline entered the world with a quiet little voice. She had some trouble breathing on her own, and her heart rate had dropped very low before being born. We had a good 20 minutes together before the real journey began. 

Nicu Transfer 

Adaline couldn't breathe on her own, and her blood work showed signs of an infection. She was under a glass hood for the first 24 hours because of a pneumothorax, but then began to breathe on her own. Her infection and jaundice lasted 3-4 days, and she was released on the 8th day after she had finished antibiotics.