My dearest Adaline,

I have tried writing this letter to you for months. But each time the page came up blank. Until now. I guess your birth inspired these following words. 26 days ago you made your grand entrance and lives were forever changed. My heart was introduced to a new kind of love. But our journey thus far has not been easy. We spent our first week together separated by 4 (tiny) plastic walls and 22 miles, which may not seem like a lot but in Southern California that could mean an hour or more. I wasn’t able to kiss you until you were a week old. You were poked and prodded with needles and IVs which you still have bruises from. But each day I watched you get stronger and I couldn’t be more proud. We are coming up on then first month of your life and there are so many things I already want to share with you.

First off, you are so loved. And as cliche as that sounds it is beyond true. The outpouring of love you have inspired from people all around the world who haven’t even met you yet is earth shattering. If everyone on the planet could meet you or know about you then the world would be a better place. ( I wish the presidential candidates of 2016 could meet you. I will explain that when you’re older.) And though you can’t “walk into a room” just yet, the room still lights up because of your presence. The second anyone sees your darling little face, smiles and joy fill the air. You my angel, are heaven sent. So when the day comes in the (far future) that we fight or a boy breaks your heart, remember these words and how overwhelmingly loved you really are.

Secondly, regarding that boy that may break your heart, for some juvenile reason, I pray you always remember your worth. You were created by the God of the universe. The One who broke the barrier between heaven and earth. He saw all the beauty (and turmoil) in this world and decided we needed one of you. An Adaline Grace Seadschlag. And oh my heavens, am I so glad He allowed me to be your mother. And when the time comes for you to be loved and taken care of by another man, I pray he won your heart by pursuing Jesus first. You are worth far more than gems and rubies. Only the purest of hearts deserves you. And that cannot be attained without him having a relationship with Jesus Christ. One where he will lead you straight to the arms of Jesus before his own. But lucky for you, you have a father who resembles this perfectly, so it will be easy to notice in the right man (in the far far future).

Thirdly, now that you’re old enough to be reading this we have probably experienced quite a few mother daughter moments. Both good and bad. I’m not perfect by any means, I’m actually a wreck most of the time, though that could just be from all we’ve been through these past 10 months. But I can promise you that your dad and I are doing everything we can to be the best parents to you. I know we will fail at times, and during the times when we succeed it is all thanks to God. I hope that we have more of the praising Jesus moments than the failing moments, but no matter what you are what inspires us to be the best parents we can be. I promise to dry all your tears, to help you conquer your fears, pursue your wildest dreams, and love you in all of your forms. I pray your eyes never see darkness and your ears hear only Gods promises, let your hands touch the lives around you, and your feet always lead you home. Darling don’t ever let your light burn out. This dark scary world needs your beauty.

And lastly, when you encounter the uneducated people of this world who decide to limit you, or tell you that you aren’t equal to them and put restraints on you, remember just how important and capable you are. Because since you were living in mommys tummy at just 14 weeks old you began to defy theirs odds and break their rules of science. You are brave, strong, important, valued, loved and capable. You are the daughter of the King. A Princess in every way. The world will not know what to do with your beauty and your “specialness”. But it’s our job to show them. You’ve already taught me so much, and shown me just how much I needed you. I can’t wait to tell you next month all the new things I’ve learned from you. I love you darling. Here’s to another day of love and kisses.


Your momma