Yesterday Adaline and I celebrated her 8 weeks of life by going to see our favorite niece/cousin and her mom! They live down in Huntington Beach about a mile from Main Street. The weather was perfect for a casual stroll down to the beach so that’s exactly what we did! Adaline’s cousin Avery is 2 years old (though she looks like she’s 5) and she is going to be a big sister to Mila Rose who is coming in September. Avery is so excited to be a big sister, she kept telling me “baby hug”, and then she would hug Adaline. And for those of you thinking a two year old should be able to say full sentences, she’s a bilingual baby! So let’s see you say a full sentence in another language when you were 2. 

We got a quick bite to eat at Subway, per the pregnant mamas cravings, and then walked down the pier. Now if you’ve never been to Huntington Beach pier (all my out of state friends) you can guarantee to find some very interesting people. Some old man was performing some magic trick on the corner with a hammer and metal chains, while another old man was belting out the words to Guns and Roses Welcome to the jungle while rocking out on his electric guitar… Some guy was flying his drone over the pier and Rubys Diner employees were making their way to work in their darling retro outfits. 

After our brisk walk on the pier, it was time for gelato! If you know me, you know I LOVE chocolate and bananas. So I got nutella banana crepe gelato, and it tasted just like that. It was hevenly. It was almost time for Adaline to nurse again so we headed back home, and of course stopped to take photos on the way! 

 The carsest is a MaxiCosi and it is so comfortable and easy to clean! And the Stroller is a Quinny and it has an adjustable handle and rides super smoothe! And it's super easy to collapse and put in your car! 

Once we got back to the house, Nastya made Adaline the cutest clothes. If you haven't checked out her shop, go do it! ( Anchoredeep). I'll also be posting a discount code here soon for her shop to celebrate Adaline's 2 month! You're not going to want to miss out! Here are some photos of her new wardrobe. 

It was a great Friday and I just can't believe my babe will be 2 months on the 26! And my 1 year wedding anniversary is on the 23rd! What an incredible year it has been. Thank you all for walking the journey with us. You all are a huge blessing. 💜




Hannah Lorain