Saturday, February 20th – Miss Adaline Grace Seadschlags Baby Shower Here are some photos of the details from the wonderful shower. Shout out to my incredible mother who always goes above and beyond for all my events. And to Gabi who brought my pintrest board to life. I only supplied the vision. These two ladies made my dreams come true. My incredible father who financially made this all happen and my darling little sister who captured these photos. Viki Cane with Just A Little Dessert who always makes incredible cakes. I can’t ever have just one! For my wedding I had 5!! If you ever need a cake she is the best there is. Most of the food was bought from Whole Foods and since my dad sells orgainc produce we all also got some from his growers. As perfect as everything was, there was a small piece missing. My love, my hubs and my soldier. But I cant wait to show him all these photos when I see him. Plus, I was so covered and showered with love from so many people. Some of the (eldest yet fabulous) attendees were Adalines Great Great Grandma Joyce, Great Great Aunt Holly, Great Grandma Tina, and Great Grandma Tami ( my paternal side), Great Grandma Flora (brians paternal side) Great Aunt Kat (brians maternal side). Along with Grandma Cristina (my mother) Grandma Debbie (brians mom) Aunt Nastya, Aunt Izzi (my sisters), Aunt Rachel (my sister in law), second Cousin Katie and Cousin Avery. Along with so many loved ones Ive had the pleasure of growing up with these past 13 years, down to new friends who have left imprints on my heart. You all mean so much to me and Adaline is so blessed to have such a huge family. I cant say thank you enough!