On November 13, 2016 our Adaline Grace was dedicated to the Lord. Almost a year to the date of Brian’s Military Send off. Last year around this time Brian and I said goodbye as he embarked on a life changing adventure. And now we are celebrating the holidays as a family of three. The Lord is truly faithful. A lot of you have asked me “What is a dedication”. Im so thankful this question was asked, because silly me was unaware people didn’t know. My parents dedicated me, my brother and my little sister when I was around 10 years old. Calvary Chapel Chino Hills was still in those small industrial buildings off Schaefer. I vividly remember that day! I think I even wore a green floor length dress. Pastor Jack prayed over all of us kids as my parents were promising before the Lord and the congregation to raise their children up in the word of God. It was so surreal to have him now praying over my daughter.

So as a non-denominational church we believe that baptisms should be done when the child can make the decision for themselves to ask God into their heart and to live for Him. A Baptism doesn’t save a soul or guarantee you eternal life. It is a picture and an act of you dying to your self and being reborn as a follower of Christ. And because babies cannot make that decision for themselves, we as parents choose to publicly announce to our congregation and before the Lord that we will raise our children in a Godly home. Each parent has their own desire and prayer for their child so I cannot speak on behalf of every parents who dedicates their child. But when we stood up there before God and our peers, we were also asking our fellow friends and family in the Lord to hold us accountable in our parenting. And to walk along side this journey with us and be the example of Christ Adaline will need in her life time. There will be times, I’m sure, when Adaline “hates” us and runs to her aunts, or grandparents for advice they will point her to Jesus first and then back to us. And this is why Brian and I chose our dear friends Chad and Jaimie Crile to be Adaline’s Godparents. There is no other couple we know whose marriage and life is sold out for Jesus. Their marriage is a picture of Christ’s love, selflessness, and faithfulness. Chad loves Jaimie in all her forms. And Jaimie blindly follows and trust Chad in every situation, even when she is uncertain. They will make INCREDIBLE parents one day and I know this because they love Adaline so much. Their children will grow up in a home that is Christ Centered and God fearing, but also full of mercy and grace and forgiveness. A love that keeps no record of wrongs and lifts up those around them. There are no two better people to love Adaline and hold Brian and I accountable in our parenting. Those who are lucky enough to know Chad and Jaimie have found a real gem in their lives. And Adaline is incredibly spoiled by their love.

We echo Jacks prayer for Adaline’s life, but we also pray that she always remembers to seek Jesus in every aspect of her life and in every valley, and high point. That the world will see and feel the love of Christ through Adaline. That her heart is so lost in the Lord and her eyes are a window into heaven. I pray that she teaches the world to see beauty through her eyes, and to love with the deepest part of us. I pray her life continues to bring glory to God and be a demonstration of His faithfulness.

Thank you to all who have been lifting Adaline up in prayer as we wait for test results, and decisions on what to do. Thank you for being part of Adalines Army.

Fashion details: 

Adalines Romper: AllyandAnnie
Adalines Flower Crown: Flowers.lovers

My dress: Lux