I can’t beleive my baby is two months old today. This has been the greatest two months of my life. I absolutely love being her mom!  I dont have too much to report this month because lifes been pretty easy. (Thank you jesus). We are exclusively breastfeeding, and because I make sure her last feeding is 9:30 pm and then she gets a nice relaxing bath and a little bit of booby time before she falls asleep, my little babe has been giving me roughly 7 hours of sleep (thank you baby wise) each night. And this momma is super happy about that. June is right around the corner which is our last full month without Brian home. He will be graduating in 7 short weeks, so we should have him home a few days after that. And we couldnt be more excited. Adaline gets to facetime her daddy multiple times a week and they are so precious together. I just cant wait for him to meet her in person. She is going to have him wrapped around her little finger!

Im not sure if you can tell in these darling photos, but Adalines hair has a tint of red to it. Both mine and brians family has some irish, so our little babe might have some Auborn, and with her piercing blue eyes shes gong to be a heart breaker.

Adaline loves her tummy time, and is now trying to roll over from her back to her tummy. Shes mastered tummy to back, and she’s moving her legs like shes ready to crawl. She smiles and laughs back at you, and its the sweetest thing of my entire life. I just melt.She has discovered her thumb, and though I am sure I’ll hate it later, but right now it is the cutest thing when she sucks on it.

I hope you enjoy this precious angel as much as I do. And Happy Memorial Day weekend!