Man, where to begin. For starters Brian wasn’t supposed to get in until 10:50 pm tonight. But with Adaline going to bed at 10 and pictures needing good lightening, that wasn’t going to fly. So we were able to get his flight changed to 10 am this morning. Sadly, all this caused a confusion with the videographer and we weren’t able to have him there. My mom did her best to videotape on her camera. We have some footage but most is out of focus. But thank you mom for trying to capture all of this for us. Blurry or not, means a lot to have footage of such a special day. 

So, the day began at 5 am for me. With nerves and excitement I started my day a little earlier than expected, but I just couldn’t stay in bed any longer. Adaline woke up in such a wonderful mood. Laughing and smiling all morning. But… Babies are unpredictable. She didn’t want to keep the bonnet on her head that I got for her so we had to settle for a head wrap. And missy likes to have blowouts on my clothes, so I didn’t get to wear my dress I got either. However, through out this army life journey I’ve learned to live in the moment. Plans will fail and nothing will be picture perfect. But it’s not about the outfits or having video. It’s about having my husband home and my family finally together. 

At the airport we had Brian’ parents Jeff and Debbie, his sister Rachel and her best friend Erin(and now mine), his cousin Katie and my mom. With little flags in our hands and the cutest baby around, and our homemade sign everyone stopped to ask questions. At one point Rachel and Erin were holding the “daddy I’ve waited my entire life to meet you sign” and some lady said “well that has to be a marvelous story”. Families stood around with their luggage joining us to welcome Brian home. 

The nerves and excitement I had were enough to make me act like a little school girl. When I saw Brian coming around the corner my arms went up in some cheer move. As he ran down the stairs, everyone stopped and clapped and cried for us. It was such a surreal moment. In the video you can hear some lady crying so loud. I felt like a celebrity. It is so heart warming knowing their is still love in the world. 

We shared a hug that words can’t even describe. So I won’t even begin to try. All the nerves I felt went away and everything was so natural. After we kissed and hugged then kissed again..he met Adaline. And I couldn’t stop crying. And of course Adaline was asleep. But when she was finally in her daddy’s arms she woke up looked at him and went back to sleep.

Once we got home she ate and was mesmerized by him. She would just stare and talk and smile. Brian had got a tattoo for her with her name and birthdate in Roman numerals. I have dreamt of seeing her lay on his chest next to her name. And the pictures are more adorable than ever. I am so in love. I just love watching them hang out together. And the way they look at each other has me like

We’re going to be spending our first moments together so enjoy these photos and thank you for being there to shower us with love and support. You are the best.