My heart feels so much these last couple days. So many emotions combined I can’t just pick one. I’m not even sure I know how to describe how I feel. Other than sad. I know this emotion very well. I’m saddened for each and everyone one of you. I’m saddened for the Hilary campaign. Thought I don’t stand with her, I was still moved by the tears that were shed by her supporters. We all know what it’s like to feel blindsided, devastated, hopeless, and heart broken. It is not a good feeling. My heart hurt for Hilary as she gave her concession speech. You could see the tears she was holding back. This woman spent so much of her life preparing for this moment. She “knew” she would be president. I knew it. The world knew it. And though I don’t agree with 99.99% of what she believes in, she is human. She feels and hurts like we all do. Just because my morals and beliefs don’t align with hers, doesn’t mean she is any less of a person. The sins she has committed are just as devastating to God as the sins I have committed. As humans we have a different grading scale. But to God, sin is all the same. He still created her and died for her. So instead of condemning her to Prison, pray for her. As for Trump, I’m saddened for the judgement and ridicule he will receive. To have everything he’s said and done to be dissected and talked about by the world. Can you imagine if that was me and you? We all would be considered monsters. I’m saddened for what his future holds for the next 4+ years. The hard decisions he will make, the impossible tasks he will have. For his marriage. His health. Being president has to be the hardest job. But he is so determined to do what he feels is best for our country, knowing the price he will pay for taking this role. I am however saddened that we’ve come to this. That a celebrity is running our country. I’m hopeful that the men he will be surrounded by can help to mold and shape him into the president everyone wants him to be. I’m saddened for his family, his children. For all of us. We’ve let the media manipulate our minds. LGBT, African Americans, Hispanics, Women, Muslims, I hope you know that you are loved. Even if we are different or have different values. It breaks my heart to hear that these people feel like they are hated or less of a person. Because the world labels my daughter as “different” and I hope she never feels unloved or scared in this free country we live in. But, please keep in mind that Trump is just a man. He might have a big title and responsibility, but he is not the one who will stand by your side when you’re going through highs and lows. Hilary would not have been that person either. But your fellow Americans are. Those neighbors, family members and friends who may have different beliefs than you will though. So if you’re mourning a future you thought you would have, then by all means mourn. You have the freedom to do so. But don’t spread hate and violence. That won’t get us anywhere. Channel those feelings into change. Be the change you want to see. And set an example for your kids. They will hear and see the way you talk about these candidates and will talk to others that way. And that other could be my daughter. Or yours. Let’s stop letting the media warp our minds. Turn off the phone, go out and converse. Do research. Share with others your views and respect each other’s differences. Love each other. And find hope that there is One who rules over all. If you can’t follow under trumps laws, then follow the Lords. Because that is the one that will truly decide your life. And I can live with that. 

As for the life my daughter will live now that Trump is president. Boy oh boy. This ones scary. For starters, lets acknowledge that we all need to be way more careful about what we say and do in our lifetime. I’m sure Melania never would have imagined the entire world would judge her for the decisions she made in her career. Let alone that we would watch her wardrobe and how she could look as the First Lady. And Trump, the countless things he’s said about women,Hispanics and even special needs people. Though I know a lot of people can defend him and how the media twisted things, he still said things that were able to be publicized and twisted whatever which way. This is why we ALL should be above reproach. Think before you speak. It is forever out there, especially on social media. 

Within the first couple hours of Trump becoming President elect, people have learned to spew hatred and violence against those who are different than them. Now what will that look like for my Daughter who is labeled different in every aspect of her life. Will you hate on her or call her names because she’s white snd has red hair. Or make fun of her because she sounds funny when she talks? Or redicule her for her upbringing. Will she be bullied or degraded? God I hope not. 

We need to appreciate each other’s differences. How boring would life be if we were all the same. Or thought the same. There is beauty in uniqueness. Embrace different. Embrace love. Embrace respect. 

Lastly, our children are growing up in a world controlled by the media. And this election proved it. The media ran this election. For the last year I’ve read people’s rants, comments, blogs, watched videos and laughed at memes bashing each candidate. But I rarely, if ever, saw conversation between the opposite sides. If there was dialogue it was arguments and debates that were not geared around education, rather insults and judgement. And this is probably why the world was shocked by the election. I am guilty of this. I have blindly believed the click bait, the videos orchestrated by the opposing side, and the articles released during this past year. I did not converse with others or share my thoughts for fear of being called names. I did not sit down and ask people why they are scared or passionate about the potential outcomes. I went to the media for news. And this has got to stop. For all of us. For the sake of our children and our legacy. Everything can be twisted and used to benefit others agenda. Let’s stop letting the faceless people behind the cameras and editing control us. Get out there and experience real life. Not life through a glass touch screen. I pray my daughters beauty is seen through your eyes, in person, that can feel and see the unique of her soul. Not her instagram pictures.
I’m proud to be an American, but I’m even prouder to be the daughter of the King who still holds the throne. No president can change that.