I just can't believe my little girl is 7 months old. I remember being 31 weeks pregnant like it was yesterday. And now I'm loving on my little baby who doesn't seem like a little baby anymore. Que the tears... 


At 7 months she is 16 lbs and  26.5" long. She is laughing all the time, gives kisses and hugs, rolls over as her form of transportation, fake laughs or cries when she wants your attention, eats baby food once a day and still nurses, sits with slight assistance and is teething but still no teeth 😭. We use the amber necklaces and some Tylenol when it's really bad but that's it. If you know of anything that works leave it in the comments! We were using the Hyland Teething tablets until they were discontinued. 

We also use these toys from @sarahandbendrixkids for play time, but because they are handmade I trust them for teething as well! Adaline loves to stick the fin of the whale in her mouth! 🐳 


Item details

Romper: Anchoredeep Shop 

Leaves & animal toys and doll: Sarah and Benrix Toys 

Bow: Hello Miss Gorgeous 

Blanket: Target