Im a day late, but Adaline has officially been earth side longer than she was in my belly! We had a wonderful first Christmas with Adaline. I just can't believe its almost 2017, and Adaline will be a year old in 3 months!!!? Where the heck has time gone?

I am currently in the midst of changing my website, and making it look cleaner, fresher, and more fun. Im also working on getting my Youtube Channel up and running this coming new year. You'll be able to watch our new little house get decorated as we move in, join us on our crazy adventure days, go along side our party planning for Adalines Birthday, and get up close and personal about mine and Brian's story and all about Adaline.

Not much to report this month. Adaline is 17.6 lbs, 28 inches long, and a perfect bundle of joy. I'm not really following any specific food routine other than breastfeeding. I will probably introduce a sippy cup here soon and get her on a solid food routine. Still no teeth, but teething hardcore, and no sign of crawling yet though I have a feeling it will happen soon.

We've never been more in love, and I ABSOLUTELY love this stage. She is so funny! Its crazy how much of her personality we can already see. She's a lover and totally flirts with boys. Were going to have a problem when she is older. She's our pride and joy, and I love her to pieces!


Ps. How cute are these top knots? I love them, I wish I had them in my size. When Adaline wakes up with bed head, and I've got too much going on we just throw one of these top knots on and call it a day! They are everything!




Hannah Lorain <3