If I've ever talked to you about my wedding, then you know how much I LOVED our wedding venue. It was the only one we toured, and I instantly fell in love. If you're looking for a wedding with an intamte backyard feel, Then The Retro Ranch is the place for you. There are 2 houses on site, along with a honeymoon suite and a few airstreems that are renovated and beautiful inside. Along with the Wedding Package came a 1 year Anniversary Picnic. Well Brian was gone for our Anniversary so we had our picnic closer to our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Brian will also be gone for Drill during our 2nd Anniversary. But ohh well, I hear 3rd times a charm.  

I didnt think that I would be addressing this next part in our Anniversary Blog, but after recent events I find it necessary. And if you're reading this * bully * then thank you for openning my eyes to this next topic. 

The fact that Online Bullying is a thing is just cowardly. Those who hide behind a thin glass screen and troll other peoples accounts just to harass them and make themselves feel better about whatever haunts them at night. Im not sure what makes someone bitter and angry. It could be a number of things. But its important to remember that the ones who bully people have the real problem. In the case of what happened the other day to my family, all I was doing was proudly sharing with the world my little family and how far we have come together. And yes, Brian was wearing his uniform. Per my request. Because I am proud of him, his uniform, our country, our soldiers. That uniform reminds me of the countless doctors appointments I went to alone. The late nights waiting up just incase I got a phone call. The countless letters that traveled back and forth 3000 miles. The goodbye kisses and the first kisses. The falling in love all over again. No, he hasn't deployed. No we don't live on base. And no he's not on the front lines. But how does that make his uniform or his service any less important than an Officer, or a PVT? And as a mother, we should hope to share love and encouragement with others as to be a role model for our children. So that our daughters know how to treat their friends, and how to be treated and our sons know how to treat a women. If we are sick of the world and the people in it, it starts with us. As parents. We are raising the next generation. Teach your daughters to be ladies, and your sons to be strong. And bullying must come to an end. If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. And if you're a jealous person and you seek out other lives, wishing they were your own, then just know none of our lives are perfect. Especially mine. I control what  you see here on social media. You see the pretty days, and the photo shoots. What you don't see is that we live in a small bedroom at my parents house currently. We don't have much of a plan for our lives, and I've been peed on, pooped on, thrown up on, cried on, snotted on, and yelled at more times then I wish to admit. My life is messy. I actually worked out today for the first time in... like almost 2 years. I have saggy skin all over my body, back boobs, flabby arms, short fat fingers, post acne scars on my face, no eyebrows, a hunch back, this weird elevated dot in the middle of my forehead that won't ever go away, i bite my nails, I usually only get around to shaving part of one leg for weeks at a time, I have this one weird black hair that grows under my chin, I ate lunch in the bathroom or in the front office most of my high school career, I've been cat-fished, I hold grudges, I lie, I cuss, I disobey my parents, I had sex before I got married, I cheated on tests, I've broken the law...I am pretty much a dirty rotten sinner who doesn't deserve Gods grace, but FORTUNATELY for me every day is brand new. I have been made new in Christ. He sees me as His own. You can hate me for whatever reason, or you can love us for some {odd} reason. My identity is not found in the number of likes I get on a photo, or how many followers I have on IG. Because in real life, I have like 2 friends, and no one would like what i look like when i just wake up. 

Thank you for all the comments and messages and emails you guys have sent me. I didn't know how much our story meant to your daily lives. A few days before all this happened I wrote a post about new years resolutions. And how my personal improvement resolution was to learn to forgive and forget. Something I've been trying to work on for years. My naive self thought I would be putting this into practice in other areas in my life. I wasn't expecting a new area. So I shouldn't have been shocked when I was targeted. And honestly, what happened wasn't that big of a deal. Ive been made fun of for worse. I was more pissed that my husband was involved. However in those moments, I can say that my flesh got the best of me. I got worked up and filled with anger, all because of a person I don't know. A person who needs Jesus just as much as I do. As we all do. So *bully* I forgive you. And all of my haters. 


And to those of you who are in my corner...thank you. Thank you for loving my family. For supporting us. For walking through this with us. You are a big part of our story. <3 

And to my husband, Im so proud of you. Your heart, your love, your strength, your selflessness, your love for The Lord. You look good in a uniform. You should wear it any chance you can. 

And to my daughter, I love you. And I hope you never doubt your worth. I hope your stand up for righteousness and ALWAYS show the world that bright light that shines within you. You are my motivation, my muse, my joy, my love, my reason for this life. You are our legacy. Show them Jesus. 

And to my favorite sister in law, thank you for the Creme Brûlée. You're the best. <3

And thank you Chelsea Lybeck for the beautiful photos. 


Hannah Lorain


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