As you can tell this little girl no longer lets me take the cute photos of her laying down without her grabbing the props, so instead of getting frustrated we just went with the flow. Her eyes are getting so blue and her hair is getting so red. She's still not crawling but I have a feeling she's getting close. She's so restless and constantly "wrestling" around when you hold her. She wants to be on the floor moving! Still no teeth, but as you can tell LOTS of drool! SOOO maybe one is around the corner? She is slowly becoming less interested in nursing all the time and is wanting to eat more solids. So we've been introducing them a lot more, but her stomach is so sensitive i have to make them my self. If you're a mama who makes your babes food leave your favorite recipe in the comment section! We use coconut oil or coconut milk to help break down the food and so far so good! Were trying to sleep train, but I just give in and hold her. #momfail

Im pretty sure we've both reached the point in our mother daughter relationship where we need time apart from each other. More so her from me.. but I'm beginning to need more me time in order to get through the days. Thankfully we are surrounded by so many people who want time with her that its not hard to find someone to play with her. 


The Romper she is wearing is from my sisters shop Anchoredeep . It says "I am the future". 
There is so much diversity and hate going on in the world right now. This is NOT the type of blog post to discuss politics or beliefs. However, our children are the future. How we treat each other is most likely how others will treat our children. They are the future. So teach them love and understanding and acceptance. To fight for whats right in a civil and loving way. Teach them passion for people. For all people. All lives. Born or Unborn. Black or White. Male or Female. Teach Love. The future is them. 


{Love} Fearlessly, 

Hannah Lorain