Hi guys! If you're like me, you've waited to do your christmas shopping until their are some awesome deals, and you're probably not very interested in spending hours in crowded lines dealing with crazy people throwing shoulders and fighting like children to get the last item. So I have put together some of my favorite shops for you to take advantage of! 

Shop JORD Wood Watches this Christmas Season

First off, we have JORD watches

Dover- Koa & Black

Dover- Koa & Black

Since I got Brian a watch for valentines day from JORD, see here, I decided to gift this one to another special guy in my life. One you don't see about in my feed at all really because he lives on the other side of the country. But apart from my dad, and brian, he's the only other guy that holds a piece of my heart...and that is my brother. He lives in Virginia and works at a coffee shop and loves watches. So when I saw this watch I immediately thought of him. 

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If you want this exact watch then just click here, or on the picture on the right.  

You can check out the women watches here, or the other mens watches here


Shop DIFF Eyewear This Christmas Season

And Make a Difference with your purchase 


Secondly we have Diff Eyewear! What's awesome about this company is that with each purchase you're making a DIFFerence. They donate a pair of glasses to kids in need with each sale. So not only are you getting gorgeous stunna shades, you are also helping children all over the world see better and further their learning. I personally own now 3 of their sunglasses. I first learned about them once JoJo from The Bachelorette released her own frames with DIFF, and Ive been hooked every since. They are having an awesome Sale. 

Buy One Pair, 30% off your order (Excludes new styles and licensing) 
Buy Two Pairs, 40% off your order (Excludes new styles and licensing) 
Buy Three Pairs, 50% off your order ( Excludes new styles and licensing) 

I personally own the Zoey Black + Blue Mirror lens.  and the Scout- Light Gunmetal  as well as the JoJo frames that are no longer available. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 4.23.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 4.20.01 PM.png

Shop Land of Nod This Christmas Season

First off, this post is not sponsored. I am simply adding this next item simple because I think EVERYONE needs it for their babes. It is Land of Nod's Activity chair. You can shop it here or by clicking on either picture.  Adaline got this for Christmas last year and it has been amazing. She still uses it. And because of her low muscle tone it was exactly what she needed to learn to sit independently. We were not allowed to use toys that created an artificial seat making it easy for her. So this was perfect. Its padded, a flat natural surface with a high packing, and has a lot of sensory and fine motor activities. Plus its not a sore to look at!  They are having free shipping and 20% off! 


Shop Austlen This Christmas Season 

Alright, last post! This one is also just a product I LOVE (and bought) that I want to share with you. I looked for MONTHS to find the best double stroller that fit our lifestyle. And The Entourage by Austlen stole both my heart and Brian's. So here are some photos that perfect showcase why I LOVE this stroller so much! 

Alright guys, I think thats it for this post. I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving, and Happy Black Friday, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! <3


Hannah Lorain