We spent this past weekend in a snow covered log cabin up in the mountains of Cle Elum Washington. This was Adalines 5th & 6th flight, and she did perfect of course! I think we have a little traveler on our hands. Hoping we can leave the country soon, so Ill have to get her a passport and  mine changed. Canada, Greece, Maldives ? 

The wedding was very intimate but beautiful! Snow was EVERYWHERE, and I was in love! I had a permanent smile on my face. If there was more to do there, you can bet I would be moving into a cute old house in those mountains raising all our babies. If only I could move my whole family there. The whole town looked like it was a snow globe. I couldn't think of a more perfect place for the Gurney Wedding to be held. I made a little VLOG/VIDEO about our trip!  I had the honor of doing the Brides hair and makeup. She looked like a real life princess. And the look on my brothers face when he first saw her made my eyes tear up and my heart double in size. They are so in love with each other its evident in the way they look at each other. I can't wait to see where God takes them. Maybe Adaline will have a cousin soon? ;) 

But now that the wedding is over, we can start planning Adaline's Birthday Party. Ill be making a VLOG of the planning process and hopefully one of the day of, but if not we will for sure have a photographer there so ill post those for sure. 

I think these photos capture some of the magic that the snow gave us this weekend. 


Hannah Lorain