On March 25th, the day before Adaline's Birthday, we celebrated this past year of her life. We had about 26 people over, only family and a handful of close friends. Adaline and I started out the party wearing matching tutus from Hidden Room on Etsy.  Ganna is the owner and she is lovely to work with. You get to customize your order. You decide every measurement for your item, and the children's tutu comes with an elastic band so they can even grow with it.  Here are some of the pictures of both Adaline and I in our mommy and me blush tutus.  


Adalines unicorn headband is from Avry Couture Creations. She is on both etsy and instagram. Adalines shoes are lace up ballet flats that are seriously the cutest things Ive ever seen, but you couldn't really see them in the photos of us in the tutus. Once she does an outfit change you can see them better! But they are from Peek-A-Boots Boutique. The shops owners name is Terra and she is so so sweet. She is also a blogger! You should check her out. She has the cutest DIY projects, date night ideas, and other Pinterest like things. Click here to visit her blog. 

Adalines next outfit is from Oh Dear Clothes. This outfit is not sponsored, but when I saw it I fell in LOVE! I imagine Adaline keeping it forever. My mama bought it for her and it was seriously the perfect outfit for our photos at the end of the party! And how special that an item so beautiful and personal is from her grandma. I feel all nostalgic already just thinking about the first time she comes across it when she's a teenager. You must get your hands on one of these for your daughter. 

My romper is from this super cute boho/indie store in Riverside, but they also have an online shop. Check out Lux . If you click on the photo it will take you straight to this romper! Its only $48.     

Now for the details of the party! My FAVORITE part! Now.... I cannot take credit for this. I simply tell my mom what I want and she brings it to life. I have no art skill whatsoever. I can dream something up, but I cannot execute it. Thats where my mom comes in. So pretty much everything was made by her. She made the unicorn piñata her self, she made two of the small decor unicorns and colored and glittered them, she painted the other unicorns different colors to match the party, she made the food, she made the games, the made the flower garland. I pretty much only made Adalines' Smash Cake (which was delicious by the way. I will share the recipe with you too). And as for the real life unicorn, I just rented her. Cause what a 1st Birthday Party without a real life unicorn ;) Okay, okay. Its just a white pony dressed up but still....I believe in Magic.

The Unicorn heads (gold and rose gold horns) that are used in decoration both inside and outside are from White Faux Taxidermy (WFT) . I loved having it on our wall behind the food table, that I am actually not even taking it down. Its staying forever. The TeePee is the same TeePee we used in our family photos from Joshua Tree, and the wooden name sign is from MonkHome Designs. The unicorn rocker is from PotteryBarn. The Punch game was inspired from Pinterest. We filled it with gifts for the kiddos and the adults. From gift cards to unicorn socks. The piñata was filled with flowers, and gum balls, and princess jewelry for the girls. Totally my favorite piñata ever. 

I rented the unicorn from All God's Creatures. She is the most beautiful pony. Im pretty sure my dads going to buy something just like her soon. He was obsessed.... check out his mini photo shoot with her. 

Now for the smash cake! I made it for Adaline since she has some GI problems. I found the best gluten free, dairy free cake. Except I did use butter in the icing but you can substitute it for a vegan butter if you'd like. Now, the batter is not like regular batter. I don't recommend tasting it! However the final product is actually delish! This is the link to the recipe. The flowers are just wafers that were already made. I think we got them from Hobby Lobby. And thats also where we got the gold 1 and the cake pan as well. I just made two cakes and then put a layer of icing between them. I did have to bake it for close to 40 min each time for it to be cooked all the way through. We had some batter left over so I made a small loaf and we ate it all! Seriously, try making this strawberry cake. Its perfect for summer time. And the icing seriously taste like you're eating a whipped strawberry. I had to get a lot of the ingredients from Whole Foods. It consists of white rice flour, brown rice flour, and tapioca flour. You just need the small bags because its only about a cup of each flour. 

The unicorn cupcakes were made by our cousin Katie. They were also Gluten Free, but also so good! I ate like 4! Ha. I don't have that recipe though. The unicorn Strawberries were also inspired by Pinterest but my mom made those! You can watch a how-to video here. If you are looking for unicorn molds then look on amazon. They have cookie molds, and candy molds. We used the cookie cutter to cut the fruit into shapes of unicorns. The unicorn popcorn we made with Kettle Corn, bugles, and Chex-mix and poured different colored chocolate all over and then sprinkled candies on top. And the unicorn bark was also inspired by Pinterest

Okay, I think thats all the details I have about the party. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and ill do my best to address them! As always Everglow Photo took all these photos and killed it like always! Now enjoy the candid moments of the party. 


Now, there was another item I am really excited to share with you guys! But I've decided I am going to dedicate a whole blog to it. This specific item is something every family needs for their children. Its like a memory box. You get to pick the wood color you like and even get the top engraved. Its even perfect for Wedding Keepsakes. Check out H.H.Boogie. I can't wait to show you how we celebrate Adalines first year of life with this gorgeous memory box. Everything from the letters Brian wrote her while he was away, to my favorite accessories she's worn for different occasions. And even my favorite photos from this past year printed by Chatbooks

This is by far my favorite blog and I hope you enjoyed it and felt like you were there! Im so thankful for all of you who walk through this journey with us. I love reading your comments and the messages you send us. Especially over these last few days as were in and out of hospitals. Your encouragement and prayers mean a lot. 


Hannah Lorain



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