Oh my goodness! Finally. You guys have NO idea how late this post is. This little house was supposed to be done in September of 2016. Then because of "permits" it got pushed to November... then December... and then January... and then February. And in all honesty there are little details that still aren't finished. 

My parents had the WORST experience with these contractors. Like they missed every deadline, failed every inspection, and just lied. Any time they spoke it was a lie. The head guy ended up quitting and my dad had to find other companies to finish the original project. And because we were all just too frustrated and ready to move in, we did so while things still were 100% perfect. But... enough of the drama of it all. It still makes me mad thinking about it. I hate when people take advantage of my dad because he's just too nice. So anyways... Welcome to our humble abode. 

As always... all photos were taken by Everglow Photo. Check her out on insta! She's seriously da bomb.com 


If you were misled by some of my videos or pictures and thought that WE (Brian and I) built our own house, I am sorry if I made it look that way. We by no means are financially capable to build our own custom house right now. This little casita was built in my parents back yard. If you have seen any of my photos from our engagement party, my bridal shower or baby shower then you can remember what this part of my parents backyard used to look like. On one side they have a beautiful pool, then a patio in the middle and a fireplace with lots of seating, and to the left of the house was all open grass. This is where we used to host all our parties. My parents had always planned to build a back house. It was part of the original blue prints of the yard. They thought that it would be a good space for my grandma to live in if she needed to, or for them to move into once the main house was too much ground for them, or even just to have more space for when all of us kids and our families are home for the holidays. But then I had Adaline. And everything changed. If you don't know this about people with Down Syndrome, they have a harder time living on their own. If they are less severe than others then they can live in whats called assisted living or supported living. Some people fear their kids will never marry because they won't know how to take care of each other or even themselves. So my parents wanted to make sure that Adaline would have a place to live when she was older that was her own space but also was close to family if she needed help. So technically this house is Adaline's. We are just living in it so we can save and hopefully buy our own house. If you live in California you know how crazy expensive it is to buy a nice home in a good area. And renting just seems crazy to us. We did it for a year and hated that at the end of the year we threw away 20K and didn't have anything to show for it. That is like a downpayment on a house! We are so blessed that my parents are able to do this for us and allow us to live with them and save for our future place.  

I will do my best to list where I got everything. A lot of our decor and furniture we got when we got married 2 years ago, so it might not be available anymore.  And all my dishes were from our registry and my mom brain can't recall every piece. 

Im so glad we were finally able to take these photos and I can share them with you. This little place has become our home. We've created life long memories here. This is the place where our first born will learn to walk and talk. Where we first lived as a family of three. And maybe one day Adaline will live here with her husband someday! This little casita will always hold special memories and moments for our family. And Im happy to share our story with you. 

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House Tour Items: 

Living Room Items: 

Living Room Tufted beige couch- Walmart
Couch Pillow & Blanket- Home Goods
Bohemian Rug- Urban Outfitters
Couch Side Table- Cost Plus World Market
Swinging Hammock- The Bee And The Fox
Gold Bar Cart- Target
Tea Set- Miranda Kerr Royal Albert
Round White Dinning Room Table- Ikea
Copper Chargers- Crate & Barrel
French Pearl Blue Plates- Macys
French Pearl Blue Water Pitcher- Macys
Gold and Marble serving tray- Target
Paper Towel Holder- Pottery Barn
Wood and Ceramic Coffee Cup - Aki Home
Hanging Plant Holder- NeverFeltBetter
Macrame hanging art- NeverFeltBetter
White Faux Unicorn Taxidermy- White Faux Taxidermy


Bedroom Items: 

Bedroom Bench- Living Spaces
Pillows- Homegoods
Serving Tray- Hobby Lobby
Dinning Room Chair & Vanity Chair- Living Spaces
Adaline's Teepee- Tuscon TeePee
Night stands- Target
Oil Diffuser- Oak Leaf
Rock Salt Lamp- The Grove
Crib Sheet- Woolf With Me
Garland and flowers- Michaels
Macrame Plant wrap- Irie Iris Designs

Bathroom Items: 

Bathroom Mirror- Ikea
Bathroom Rug + Towels- Target
Bathroom Collection- Pottery Barn
Shower Curtain- Crate & Barrel
Wood Cady- Target
Ladder- Urban Grey Home
Gold Pineapple- HomeGoods