First off, Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there. Old, new, and soon to be. You guys rock. Secondly, Im the worst at keeping my own secrets from people, so this one has bee killing me. But I'm SO glad we get to share a little bit about our legacy with you, with the help of H.HBoogie! I have been following their insta since before I got engaged! Their keepsake boxes are TO DIE FOR! If you are getting married or just recently got married you NEED one of these boxes to hold all of your special memories of such a special day! You won't regret getting one, you'll just regret not getting one! I know I did. So I was so excited when they agreed to collaborate together. I tried to come up with an amazing idea of how to fill this box, but nothing I was coming up with was doing it for me! Until.... . 


Thats right! We are expecting baby #2! So what better way to share our growing family and our story than through a "legacy box". I collected little items from our past milestones together as a growing family. For Brian and my "love story" I have the journal I wrote to him while we were engaged that I gave to him on our wedding day, our family seal, a locket with some wedding photos in it that a family member made for me, and some sand from our honeymoon kept in one of the vials that comes with the box. I also have all of our letters from Basic Training wrapped up in some twine. 

For Adaline I have some maternity photos I printed, the journal Brian and I wrote to her when I was pregnant and he was gone, and my last ultrasound picture before I had her. The little vial holds the piece of her umbilical cord from the hospital, and the little envelope and stationary lists her birth information. 

&&& for Baby #2 we have our first ultrasound picture! I am as of now 10 weeks along, and due December 8th! 



If you want to skip to the end, now is the time... For those who want to know the details of how we found can keep reading. 


I know a while ago I had talked about not wanting anymore children. That I couldn't imagine my heart loving another. Or share my love with another tiny human. And while I still can't even fathom the fact that my heart will love another child as much as I love this perfect little girl sitting next to me, I know its possible. Heck, my mom had three... though I am convinced my younger sister is the favorite. Well...Now Adaline is their favorite.

When I was pregnant with Adaline I knew weeks before I even took a test. I could just feel my body changing; But even though I knew, I was some how still shocked and surprised once that test said Positive. I remember my world stopping in that Target parking lot. Yes I took the test in Target, because .... no patience. And this time was not any different. I had been telling Brian for weeks that I was pregnant. It was too early to take a test, but I just knew. Which is so surprising actually because I have only had 3 periods since having Adaline. I didn't get my cycle back until she was 9 months old. And even then my cycles would last anywhere from 28-42 days, and aunt flow would only stay for a few days! And this is so out of the norm for me.   My whole life Aunt flow would show up like a wrecking ball and stayed for at least a week. Now I was only a week late (according to my app which was based off a 28 day cycle).

I had taken a few tests 2 weeks prior to finding out I was pregnant but they came up negative, but I was not convinced. I had been feeling nauseous, had some intense headaches and was cramping for a week. So I gave it another week and took another test, but this time I think the test was broken. It was one of those first response digital tests. When I took off the lid nothing came up, and once I peed on it still nothing happened. It usually would flash a little clock and that would happen for like 3 min. But I put cap back on and I sat it on the counter. The screen flashed both a positive and negative sign three times, went blank, then said negative. So again I was not convinced. I actually told Brian, The test said negative, but I know I'm pregnant.

Fast forward to the Monday before Easter. We were at my in-laws. I have a headache, I'm nauseous, and both their dogs will not leave me a lone. I mean its pretty common for their dogs to want attention, but this was abnormal. They both came up and sat on my belly and wouldn't let anyone come near me. I literally said ,out loud, " Oh, my gosh! Im pregnant. The last time dogs acted this way around me I was pregnant". Everyone looked at me and laughed and I couldn't tell if they thought I was serious or not. I explained about the tests, but said I was going to wait another week before buying another test.

Then Tuesday came, Adaline and I had a girls day with our friends Carissa and her daughter Kohen. As we were walking around DownTown Disney, I blurted out "So... Im 99.9% positive I'm pregnant". We both freaked out for a bit, and she told me she had tests at her house and I decided I would take one. So once we got back to her house later that afternoon, I took two tests....and we' we are. HA! Again, though I was so sure I was pregnant I was even more shocked. I honestly couldn't believe it. Last Easter I had given birth to Adaline, and this easter I am pregnant. 

We tried to figure out my due Date, and according to my last period I am due December 8th. Carissa made me this adorable chalk board calligraphy sign for my announcement that I used to tell Brian and the rest of our family. I made a plan to tell everyone on easter with an Easter Egg. But.... again.... no patience. I told Brian that day, along with some close friends and the following days after we told both parents, siblings, grandparents, and shared the news with extended family on Easter. I made sure to video tape everyone this time. However I didn't get it on video of me telling my sister in law and her best friend because.... guessed it... I have no patience. I actually texted them because they had been hounding me about getting pregnant for the last few months and I couldn't contain my excitement. However I so wish I would have because they would have had the best reactions. Maybe next time ;) 

Little Side Note* Brians reaction is not included in the video below, but well he has the WORST reaction process.... every time. When I told him I was pregnant with Adaline he said " I don't know how to read this".  ( It was the type that said Yes or No ). Then he says " So yes means....? Ewww I don't want to touch your pee stick". And this time I had the sign Carissa made (that says "Pink or Blue, Either Will Do, Were Expecting Baby #2") sitting in front of Adaline when he came through the door from work and his response was " you are or aren't pregnant." * eye roll * Then he puts his stuff away from work and comes back a few minutes later and says " Okay, I'm super excited". But thats a normal response for him. It takes him a while to come around to things. I usually have to tell him what I'm getting him for his gifts so that when he actually gets it he's excited. 


We are so excited/nervous for this new journey we are on. I definitely have my freak out days where I wonder how people do it with 2! But I know its possible. If you have more than 1 kid and have any friendly advice, leave it in the comments below! Id love to know how you guys do it! <3 

Thanks again for sharing in this journey with us and following along. 

Happy Mother's Day <3


As always these photos were taken by Everglow Photo so if you choose to repost them please credit her. <3 


Hannah Lorain