I have received the most messages about Adaline's therapy room. And I'm finally getting it done. Sorry it has taken so long. My moms is always adding things to it so it never felt "done". My mom ran a preschool in our garage years ago so she had most of this stuff to begin with. She's added new things since I had Adaline, and ill try my best to list where we got those things. Most of everything is from Lakeshore Learning. The therapy/playroom is in their downstairs guest bedroom and it is where we do Adaline's weekly sessions.

The climbing block were purchased off Amazon. We have stacked them (as seen in this photo) to get Adaline to climb and crawl up to the top of the yellow block where we reward her with a Banana.... her favorite food. She actually screams banana when she sees one. If she could eat them for every meal she would.  

You can purchase these same blocks off Amazon for $154.99. Just click here

The sensory wall was my moms brilliant idea. I cannot take any credit for it. She found some ideas on Pinterest and recreated her own. She bought almost all of the toys from Walmart and just Velcro'd them to the wall. Use industrial strength velcro cause your kiddo will be determined to rip it all off. A lot of you asked about the fidget spinners. Each fidget spinner is velcro'd to the wood piece and then the wood is also velcro to the wall. Here is a picture of our Sensory wall and below will be some ideas off Pinterest. Lots of textures are always fun for the kids, and good for their development. We eventually want to put like a wall mount ballet bar up somewhere so she can learn to pull to stand and side step. 

This next part of the therapy room is one of my favorites. Watching Adaline swing is one of my favorite things. She totally says "Wheeee" and now she goes "woooahh". She's discovered her W's for sure and its adorable. She gets so excited on the swing and kicks her legs back and forth and laughs when she gets close to you. Our little bit is to let her think she knocking me over when she comes back my way. She just laughs and laughs. You can purchase the swing here.... and my dad spent 3 hours mounting it to the ceiling so it is bolted up there into some sturdy studs. Its NOT coming down.  I couldn't find the yellow one but they have both Red and Blue. 

One of the coolest item we have that is not pictured in the play room is the sensory tub. A lot of you have asked me about this when you see it in my stories or snapchats. Its amazing for any messy sensory play or even a kiddie pool. We used to sit Adaline in it and put some rice krispy treats cereal in it and let her play around. And its easy to clean, and hide away because it folds into a square. On Amazon its listed for $32.99 and its advertised as a dog pool/bath tub haha but hey... it works perfect for kids messy play too. 

The rest of the playroom is for when Adaline gets bigger. They took the doors of the closet and put in a play kitchen, which I can't wait to see Adaline play in when she can finally walk. And the different centers for when we do some homeschooling! 


Another big therapy tool we used since she was little is the Z-vibe fork. I never got around to posting about this one, but its a HUGE help with oral/speech therapy! It base of the fork vibrates, and the tip comes off and has different exchangeable tips. They are all different textures to help stimulate your child pallet and make them more aware of their mouth. For kids like Adaline who have low muscle tone, you will see their tongue hanging out sometimes. Mainly because the low muscle tone and they are unaware of their mouth. You can use the Z-vibe to feed your child as well. Dipping the tip in some puree and it also comes with an attachable spoon. There are a few different exercises you do with the vibration from the fork on the outside of their mouth as well. Its important for babies to understand and be aware of their mouth and tongue so they don't choke on foods when they start eating bigger pieces. Your baby should be able to scoop a piece of food from the inside of the side of her/his cheek with their tongue and bring it to where they need to chew it down before they swallow. The fork allows you to stimulate the inside of their mouth and teach their tongue to track the vibration of the fork. 

 It is called ARKS if you would like to visit their homepage and learn more about their tools and shop these forks and different attachments. They are much cheaper on their website than they are on amazon. Here is a direct link to their types of Z-vibe Kits. I recommend buying the instruction guide so you can properly see how to use the fork. 

Lastly, Adaline has outgrown this activity chair, but we used it FOREVER to help her learn how to sit unassisted. We weren't allowed to use the Bumbo or any other chairs that do the sitting for them. She had to learn how to sit on a flat surface so that she didn't create bad habits or get lazy. This activity chair is perfect! She would sit in it forever and its not obnoxious colors so I kept it out in the living room and it didn't seem like a children's toy that needed to be cleaned up overtime we used it. 

You can purchase this same activity chair HERE. Hurry though, because this one is always out of stock! 

As for crawling, these Hip Helpers kind of worked for us. You can find them here at this website. But you have to measure your baby specifically and order the right measurements. Adaline didn't really like wearing them, but some people swear by them! 

Well, I think thats all I got for now! If you have seen something specific and want to know where its from, just leave a comment and I'll do my best to find it for you! I hope this helped and you were able to find some ideas for you little ones! I think its so important to be proactive with our kiddos. Typical or Special Needs. Their brains are almost fully developed by the time they are 3 years old. So its so important to be proactive! <3

Thanks again for all your love and support. 


Hannah Lorain

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