I cant belive I am going to be 30 Weeks this Friday! That means only 10 weeks left, and I have NOTHING ready. And Adaline came 2 weeks early, so I could potentially only be pregnant for 8 more weeks! I am in a wedding in November, and I'll be 37 weeks pregnant then, almost 38. Crossing my fingers she stays put! She sits soooo low right now I feel like she could fall out at any moment. And the kicks and movements this time are way more painful than they were my first time around. But other than the body pain, I feel great. My energy is back up, I feel way more motivated than ever. Im back to cooking every meal, cleaning and doing laundry. #winning All thanks to Plexus. Its like prenatal vitamins on steroids! This dress is from Matron Saint. Its seriously so comfortable. You can dress it up, or down. I even tied a knot in the bottom so I could hike back up the mountain. And the lace overlay is from Windsor.  

We were supposed to take these photos a week or so ago, but Brian got called into Drill and they just wouldnt be the same without my baby daddy. Plus the weather has been PERFECT this week and we finally got a taste of fall, instead of it being 112 degrees outside. SO even though I was upset our plans didnt work out originally they turned out even better. Imlearning to just live in the moment and not get so caught up in plans and details of things.  And as always, Everglow Photo took these photos. 

In 2013 Brian and I came to this same exact spot. This is where we had our first photoshoot. And now 4 years later (almost to the month), we took our family maternity photos. 2 Years married and almost 2 kids. Crazy how much can change in a short amount of time. But one thing remains the same....my husband still loves to wear flannels. We are completely different people now, however. Its amazing what life can do to two people. We were just friends who had always had a "Crush" on each other since Jr. High. Life took us to different states, different paths but led us back to eachother. Now these two young people have been through some crazy stuff these last two years, marriage is not easy, and being parents is not easy. But there is no one I would rather struggle through life with. And to think we have made 2 perfect little girls, and we have or own little family. Just the 4 of us. Its insanely beautiful. 

Adalines Outfit

Dress: Zara
Shoes: KC Mocs
Poncho: Baileys Blossoms
Bow: Oat&Ivory


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