This years Flu Season has been the worst! Its been lasting way too long, and its taken too many lives in the down syndrome community. Our little ones with the extra chromosome tend to have a compromised immune system, so its a lot more scary for us and them when they get sick. And because of their facial anatomy, their smaller nasal passages make it a lot harder for them to breathe when they are congested. During the summer, Adaline got sick with croup and then was congested for months. She would throw up because the post nasal drip. She couldn't sleep because she couldn't breathe. We had to constantly aspirate her nose and those dumb bulbs were the worst. She would just scream and kick and cry. It probably looked like we were torturing her. 


Brian would have to hold her arms and legs down while I would have to keep her head still and try to get all the gunk out super quick. It broke my mama heart each time we had to do this. She seemed so scared and sad/mad at us. 

When I saw Nosiboo on instagram I knew right away I had to have this amazing machine. Everyone was raving about it, and how quickly it got all the boogers out of their LO's noses. So I was so excited to try it out. 

Im not going to lie, Adaline still had a hard time getting her nose aspirated with the Nosiboo. But it was more of the fact that she was mad that something was in her nose, rather than being in pain or scared. But it helped that we no longer had to hold her down for so long to get everything out. A quick few seconds and her nasal passages were clear. 

There is a clear part of the machine that holds all the nastiness. And let me tell you, it was absolutely disgusting to see all of the snot that had been stuck in there. I swear after maybe 3-5 days of using the Nosiboo, Adaline hasn't been congested since. And that is a MIRACLE, given the California air, her genetic makeup, and the sinus issues she inherited from both sides of her family. For a while I thought we were going to have some sort of surgery to help he breathe and sleep better, but it hasn't been an issue since. You all need a Nosiboo in your life. 

I recommend introducing it to your child as a fun toy, while its unplugged of course. Have them hold it to your nose, and switch off. Or even having them practice on their baby doll like Adaline is doing here. This helped Adaline know it wasn't scary and when it came time to turn it on, i would have her hold the bulb part to my nose so she could feel and hear it and see that it wasn't hurting me. She became way more calm when it was her turn, because she wasn't stressed out and neither was I. Now if only they cold come up with a way to have an on the go Nosiboo ;) 

If you're looking for other holistic alternative ways to help clear up some cold symptoms or congestion, these are what have worked for us. 

  • Essential Oils. I swear by them now. There are a few different companies I like to use. YoungLiving or Doterra. Specifically breathe by Doterra works great for congestion. But there are a lot of other mixtures that work wonderful too. If you're looking to buy any essential oils, let me know and I'll hook you up with someone from either YL or Doterra. 
  • Boiling Bay Leaves- Once you've brought your water to a boil add some bay leaves and let them boil. Holding your baby against your chest and safely away from the stove waft the steam from the pot towards you both, breathing it in. I swear this works!. I also ended up using the water in the pot after it cooled in our humidifier and running that during the night. 
  • If you don't have a humidifier, try sitting in the bathroom and letting the steam from the shower fill the bathroom. This should help break up the congestion in your little ones chest. Even adding essential oils to the shower will help. 
  • Now I haven't tried this one, but I  read about it and my friend tried it. If your child is sick, cut a 1.5 inch round of a potato and stick it in the bottom of your babies socks while they sleep. The potato will pull out the toxins in their bodies from their feet. This should help with the congestion. My friend said it worked, id be interested to hear if it works for any of you. Im going to try this next time one of the girls are congested. 
  • We have also used a saline nasal spray to help break up the mucus so it is easier to bring out. And a light pressured facial massage will also help to break up the congestion. But make sure you or your child is staying hydrated after doing a facial massage. 

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As always, though some of these blogs are sponsored, all opinions and words are my own. I don't share products with you that I don't believe in or stand by. If Im not comfortable using them on my littles, I wouldn't suggest you do.