First off, let me say, these photos I edited with my girl Elise’s presets, and they worked magic. This room is so dark, and her presets totally brightened up the room and kept everything true to its natural color. Look out for a discount code at the end of this blog, for her presets! ONLY FOUND HERE for all my loyal blog readers!

Okay you guys, I think Im most excited about this room in the house, because we have NEVER had a nursery. Both girls slept in our room up until this move to Indiana. And honestly, Claramae still sleeps in our room because I can’t bring myself to sleep train just yet. But Adaline was definitely showing signs of being ready for a big girl bed, so we took the plunge and didn’t even bring her crib with us from california. SO when her mattress from Zinus showed up at our front door in this box I couldn’t wait to open it. So much so i didn’t even record the opening of it. Ive always wanted one of those mattresses that shows up in a box and you unwrap and it just expands, and i’m kicking myself for forgetting to record it! but oh well, these pictures definitely make up for it! SO enjoy the girls new room! Im in love with it, and I can’t wait to paint the walls and get the major wall covered in floral wall paper!

They have never had their own space before so this is HUGE. Adaline wakes up in the morning and plays in her kitchen! I can’t wait till we turn Claramaes crib into a toddler bed and they can wake up together and play and maybe I can sleep in! haha Okay, just kidding.

Shop The Girls Room Here:

Adaline’s Twin Mattress By Zinus

Adalines Canopy


The Kitchen is out of stock but you can find it here: but I found this cute retro pink kitchen on Amazon here.

Table and Chairs:

Rug and Curtains are from Target

Claramaes Crib

Claramaes Crib Bumper

Claramae Rose Wood Sign

Baby Monitor


Personalized Brush and Jewelry Box From Things Remembered

White Faux Unicorn

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