Hey guys, I don't think I've told you how much I appreciate all your love and support through out the years. Its crazy to think Ive been sharing our life with you all a little over 2 years now. So much has happened. I really am thankful for this community. When I have a question or need advice you all flood my inbox with messages, and when those hard days seem like they are more common than they should be, you all pour so much encouragement into my life. For every negative comment I get there are thousands of you who rally around me. So thank you. Motherhood aint easy. Especially when you don't have friends around you who are in that stage of life you are in. We all need that one mom best friend who you can go to each others house and not feel like you have to entertain, or clean for. And you don't have to apologize constantly for your childs' crazy behavior. 


Speaking of cleaning.... ;) It seems like there isn't a reason to clean anymore. I do the dishes and minutes later its time for Adaline to eat, which just means there are going to be dishes in the sink and food on the floor. I read a meme that said. " Why do i clean, while we still live here?" Haha soon true.. Minutes later its just going to be a mess! And no matter how many times i sweep Adaline seems to find the tiniest speck of dirt on the floor, or fuz, and puts it in her mouth. So I've given up on sweeping. Instead our new little pet "bObi" cleans for me. And entertains Adaline. She loves her new pet. She chases her all around the house and literally pushes her buttons. But it keeps her entertained while I nurse, or eat or binge watch Friends. Which is also why I call our new pet Monica (Geller- Bing). She's soooo thorough.  You can shop her here . She has seriously made it so much easier around here. I actually feel like the house is getting a little cleaner each and every day! Maybe one day ill get around to mopping the floors..... maybe. 

But mamas...if you're still reading this, I know this is easier said than done, and I need to work on this too, but lets try not to get caught up in the lies that our house needs to look perfect and the toys need to be picked up. The days maybe long, and the nights even longer, but the years are so short. And one day we will wish we had toys to pick up, and baby bath toys to step on in the shower. One day these littles will be grown and on their own, and we will have all the time in the world to clean and organize. So get yourself the best kind of pet, the bObi ;) let it do the cleaning for you, and spend time with your kiddos outside.

My mom challenged me to spend one day with my phone shut off and in a drawer. At first I legit rolled my eyes and thought thats impossible. I have way too much Im trying to do that requires my phone. But you know what... it can wait. I need a day away from the world and the feeling of urgency to answer every text and every message. Mondays and Thursdays are my off days, where theres no therapies or appointments, so I'm gonna choose Thursdays to turn my phone off for 24 hours. I Challenge you to do the same thing! Or something similar..maybe no TV or no instagram. One day a week where you can unplug. If you try it out let me know how it goes in the comments! 

This post is sponsored, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. As always, I don't share products with you that i dont love and use myself.