Alright you guys, I get the most questions about Adalines therapy room, you can see her playroom on this blog here! But a lot of you say you don't have the space for a thearpy room, which I totally understand because we live in a 600 sq ft casita. Adalines therapy room is in my parents house, and my mom used to run a preschool so she had a ton of things to start with. So I decided to start blog series sharing products with you that are for developmental growth, but also "aesthetically" pleasing to have up in your living room, or whatever space you have available.
If you are like me the bright colored toys always make me anxious, and i feel the they just add to the mess. So Im really excited to share these products with you. 



So our home is pretty monochromatic. Mainly white, grey, and wood with accents of bohemian/macrame. Our new couch is from Burrow. Its very durable, comfortable, and was really easy to put together. And the awesome part of these couches is that you can add on pieces to make it longer once we have more space. A lot of you ask me about our floors and they are acacia wood. 

Little Nomad

Little Nomad


This Play Mat is the prettiest playmate you'll ever see. Its from Little Nomad. They are having a sale right now, so grab one quick! They come in a variety of sizes and colors/prints. And you can piece them together however you like to make any design. These playmats are very helpful especially if you have hard floors like we do. When Adaline was learning to walk she would fall a lot, and hit her head. Now that we have this play mat, I know we can spare claramae from the same bumps and bruises. Especially when she starts to sit up on her own. And it replaces a really pretty area rug, and is easy to clean! I HIGHLY recommend this one! The activity mat you see in the picture with the mobile above is by far the prettiest activity mat I've ever seen. Its by Bubs&Windy


Now activity mats are important for any child for quite a while. The first few months while they can't sit up they still need to get some "therapy" in. The hanging mobile helps them reach upwards to try to grab the toys, and you can also work on turning their head with however you lay them on the mat. Adaline had torticollis so we would have to lay her facing the side where the toys were NOT, so that she would have to pick up her head (if she was on her tummy) or turn her head (if she was on her back) to see them. Eventually when she was sitting up we would still have her reach upward to one side so that she was working on grasping toys with both hands. And this activity mat is really big so your little ones will still play with it when they are older. Adaline plays with it now. So for the price, you'll get great use out of it. And its not this bright ugly color thats going to make you fee like you have to constantly clean up toys. 

Okay, I seriously get asked about this item DAILY! And Ive answered it so many times. Probably like 3 times on my blog, and I'm not getting paid for these shout out haha. So that should tell you how much I LOVE this toy/chair. This is an activity chair from Land Of Nod. They have so many different styles now. But it is AMAZING for helping your littles learn to sit unassisted. We were never allowed to use the bumpo because it creates and artificial seat and does the work for you so your kids don't need to learn how to hold them selves up properly. If you don't have a child with low muscle tone, that its not that big of a deal. But for kids like Adaline, their bodies and muscles have to work twice as hard to manage a skill, and if the toy does the work for them it can prevent them for learning how to do it properly on their own. So we weren't able to use one of those play rockers where they sit it and push them selves around to learn how to walk. 


Last but not least, This swing is by Adelisa&Co. You can shop this swing here. Their website is down right now, but look at their instagram here. They also make the most adorable leather boots for babies. I can't wait to get Adaline a pair now that she is walking!. If you have seen my parents play room for adaline they also have a swing in their house, but their swing is like a park swing for kids. To mount these swing in the ceiling is probably the hardest part. You have to find a strong beam in the ceiling to hang screw the hook into. So ours is not in a prime spot because we have limited space, but it gets the job done for the deep pressure and sensory time she needs. When Adaline gets worked up, she needs a way to put out her built up energy and swinging is GREAT for this and also just for vestibular development and sensory therapy. With flu season being crazy this year, I don't take Adaline to parks because we can risk her getting sick. I also have a macrame hammock i want to hang outside on the front porch too now that the weather is nice. 


I hope this was helpful, and as always, though some of these products are sponsored, i don't share anything with you that I don't personally love for really recommend. 


Hannah Lorain