One of my favorite mamas on Instagram started this series, The Daily Moments. Where you leave your camera or phone around and capture the natural raw moments through out your day. If you are participating make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments and follow Steph on instagram. 

How were beating this 115 degree heat! 

1.) Adaline running around eating her cheese stick
2 - 7. ) The most adorable sink bath photos theres ever been. 

8.) Snacking all day on those amazing vegan cookies i made the other day. 
9.) Adaline listening to music. She always holds the phone like she's talking on it. 
10.) Girls just playing in the piles of dirty laundry. 
11.) Incase you thought my kitchen was clean because of the sink bath photos... when reality i just pushed all the drying dishes to the side. 
12.) Adaline Found her bear that Brian got for her before he left for Basic Training when I was pregnant. 
13.) Dance party to Word Party on Netflix. 
14.) Claramae fighting sleep, But finally gives in. 
15.) Hang drying laundry
16.) Making Brian his lunch for the next day to take to drill, so he doesn't have to eat MRE's. 
17.) Adaline eating the  popsicles I made
18.) Teething Ice Cubes for Claramae
19.) Saying Goodnight to the doggy
20.) Mail Delivery


Check out some of the other photos from the series other have shared! 

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