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Tutus + Apple Farms + Blue Eye'd Babes


Tutus + Apple Farms + Blue Eye'd Babes

After this insane heat wave we have had this past week or more, we were in desperate need to find some fall! So we drove up to Oak Glen and had a little photo shoot/picnic at Rileys Farm. If you have never been to Riley's Farm and you are in the Southern California area then it is a MUST. It is my favorite fall tradition. And today was a perfect day, there was no one there, and the weather was amazing. There is apple picking, pumpkin picking, candle making, hay bail rides, goats, apple cider, and AH-MAZING food! It is like you are in a different era. All the workers are dressed very Colonial and they stay in character the whole time! Its honestly like heaven on earth. Kohen and Adalines Tutus and bows are from BelleNWhistle. Make sure to follow them on instagram. These ones are part of their new fall line. 


Kohen and Adaline are the cutest of friends. I may be biased, but they are the perfect little duo! Though Kohen is only a month or so older than Adaline she's  already running circles around Adaline ( and my pregnant self). But I LOVE it. I can see that it totally challenges Adaline and pushes her to be more active and mobile. When at first it was hard not to compare their milestones, its been so much fun watching these girls develop differently but still LOVE each others company. If you don't already, make sure to follow @CarissaReneeStuck on instagram. She is a speech therapist and her blog is dedicated to providing free speech and communication tips for us mamas to use with our little babes. She's just the sweetest mama. Her and Kohen are by far my favorite mommy daughter duo. She is so intentional with her words and attitude with Kohen. Its humbling to watch and awesome to learn from. 

Now go enjoy these two beautiful girls and their adorable tutus. <3 

Adalines Moccasins: SweetNSwag

Kohens Sandals: Saltwater 

Tutus & Bows: BelleNWhistle 

Onesies: Carters

Picnic Mat: Gathre

Pictures taken by me, Hannah Seadschlag.